The CHED – Institutional Development Innovation Grant Program

For the change. For a new surroundings. For a better education. At last, College of St. John-Roxas had been a part of CHED’s (Commission on Higher Education) Institutional Development Innovation Grant (IDIG) Program. As of November 7, 2016, prayers had been answered as CSJ-R’s College Unit was chosen as grantee of the K to 12 Transition Program entitled: “Transformative and Holistic Education and Development of the College Unit.”

It all began last June 6, 2016 when CSJ-R received the memorandum from CHED, seeing this as an opened door of opportunity, Sir Xerxes G. Malaga (IDIG Project Leader of CSJ-R) together with his team took a shot on this venture. “There were many papers to comply’, said Sir Xerxes as he recalled the process on how this project was made possible.


It started merely as a simple project concept note that was evaluated, pre-screened and submitted a full proposal to the CHED Regional Office in charge. The IDIG Regional Vetting Panels (RVP) conducted another preliminary evaluation before it had reached the IDIG National Vetting Panels for further assessment and endorsed the project for approval of the Commission en Banc. Each grantee signs a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with CHED for the transfer of funds.

A budget of 5 million pesos was allotted to CSJ-R for the entire program. The following will be the output or outcome from this project:

  1. Institutional Development and Innovation Management (IDIM) Office that will cater the needs of the school for quality assurance
  2. OBE-compliant curriculum with global performance standards and indicators
  3. Renovated and upgraded physical facilities:
  • College Conference Hall
  • Health Science Lab
  • Psychology Lab
  • Business Simulation Lab
  1. New educational equipment like LCD Projectors, Audio-Visual equipment, whiteboards, classroom furniture and fixtures that are up-to-date and innovative for student use
  2. Cohesive Marketing Plan to attract new enrolees
  3. Corporate and Collaborative Partners for the Immersion Program
  4. Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Programs for the Development and Extension program of the College Unit
  5. Scholarship Programs to Employees and Deserving Students
  6. Self-reliant and resilient partner communities for the Development and Extension program of the College Unit
  7. Student Exchange Program


What to expect first? With the funds arriving at December, the rise of the Auditorium will be the first construction from the allotted budget. It is prioritize to be of use for the college students graduation this coming March. However, aside from the infrastructures, in accordance to the agreement with CHED, a program entitled, “Best Cascading Practice Partnership” will also take into action.

It is the collaboration of College of St. John-Roxas to other schools in the region and to International student programs.
CSJ-R is not only opening its doors to opportunities, but it is also opening itself to other institutions. College of St. John-Roxas will keep on growing, with its community and its partner schools.


By: Dhanna Arlane Blancaver

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