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Tenth Graders Aiming to Reclaim Academic Integrity


A Student Development Symposium for Grade 10 High School Students was held in the Hernandez Audio Visual Room at our very own school, College of St. John – Roxas last September 29, featuring two speakers from De La Salle University, Ms. Erika Mae Ignacio and Ms. Millie Margaret Oquendo. This is to raise awareness and to prepare the students for their upcoming thesis in their Research subject to avoid plagiarism in any form.

Ms. Millie, a soon to be psychologist who garnered a 4.0 grade in her research subject  started her discussion saying that plagiarism is very close to her heart, because she had experienced it with her group mates when she was still in her first year college. Although it was unintentional, her group mate still got sanctioned and had to repeat another school year. This is how catastrophic plagiarism can be. She then introduced what plagiarism really is and cited things everyone must know related to it.

Ms. Erika also known as ‘Ms. Kris’ at school was the former chairperson of the Psychology Department and is currently a part-time faculty of Hercor College and St. John explained further the proper use of the American Psychological Association or APA Style 6th Edition, the format used for the thesis in St. John.




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Erika Mae Ignacio

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