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Student Nurses Association and Senior High School’s Community Culminating Activity 2017

The family is a fundamental and basic unit of a community, which is why it should be strengthened and supported. When the family is healthy, the community is healthy.

Last February 23-24, 2017 the Student Nurses Association (SNA) had their duty in the community for the fulfilment of their Related Learning Experience (RLE), together with Senior High School Students had their community exposure for their subject “Community Engagement in Solidarity and Citizenship” at Sitio Iwahig, Banica, Roxas City, Capiz .

They (the SNA and Senior High) helped in the activity of daily living in the assigned adopted family, did “Alay Linis” where they help the family in cleaning the house, helped in the business of their adopted family like sari-sari store, and help in cooking. Also they taught the young children in their adopted family to write and sing ABC’s. But, that doesn’t stop there. The SNA prepared health teachings for their adopted family also performed “bag technique” where in they checked the vital signs of their adopted family in the community to ensure the health of the family.

During the last day, both SNA and Senior High School conducted a culminating activity. Students prepared snacks for the community, there were games for the children in the whole community and had health teaching about nutritious and healthy diet for the children of Sitio Iwahig.

The community folks was happy, as i interviewed a citizen from the community on how the experience was he said:

“masadya gid kami labi na ang mga bata kay ara sila (students from St.John) kay dako gid ang gaka bulig nila diri sa Iwahig kag nag enjoy gid ang mga puya”

The community exposure was a great success, all their goals were met and everything went smoothly. Great job Lasallians! 


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