Soccer Boys stand firm in CAPRISA

THE GRADE school soccer team of the College of St. John-Roxas geared up to kick off their first game in the Capiz Private Schools Association (CAPRISA) in soccer game held at Villareal Stadium on October 6 and 9, 2015.

This year’s opponents were the Capiz Commercial School (CCS) and Saint Mary’s Academy of Capiz (SMAC). CSJ-R’s soccer boys prepared and trained hard for the game.

After some fouls, penalties, red cards and yellow cards CSJR finally managed to get a point because of a free kick and led the score to 1-0. Players showed teamwork and sportsmanship in every game they played.

The soccer boys did not get the chance to become champion but all the hard trainings were paid off because they landed as 1st runner up, making the CCS champion and SMAC as the 2nd runner up.

The CSJ-R community was happy of the result because being a second placer in a game was not that bad for first timer players like the soccer boys. They remained firm and unshaking amidst the feeling of being the second best.

BY: Marionn Jed D. Bernas

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