RSPC 2016

It was a rainy day in the month of November 2016 when the College of St. John Roxas’ writers were off to attend one of the most salient competition in a young writers’ life, the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC).

The group left for Iloilo at approximately 12:30 PM. The travel was beyond exhausting, with the occasional down pour and the inevitable bumpy roads. The second they arrived, they immediately went to where the event was to be held to claim the kits they had paid for and to register. They spent three days and two nights in Iloilo for the competition.

It was Friday, their second day in the city, when the competition officially started. Albeit the schedule was hectic, the students did not fail in giving their best. Each category had a different time and place, therefore, the young aspiring Lasallian journalists were mostly lost. They called it a day at around 4:00PM and anticipated for the results that would be announced a day later.

There were around a hundred participants for the whole competition. Though in the end, not most of the writers won an award. They still applauded Thea Danielle Begaso, Grade 11, who won 7th place in the Copy Readingand Headline Writing Filipino category.


There is no such thing as failure, only successful attempts, and miscalculated tries, but never shall a Lasallian fail, for giving up is failure itself.


Photo Source: Ms. Jonalyn Quiambao

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