#RoadtoForever…A Success!

Last February 27,2016, all roads came to #RoadtoForever, a post Valentine show of the College of St.John Employees Association(CSJEA). It was a show for a cause in which the proceeds is for the purchase of a photocopier machine that can benefit not only the faculty and students, but the whole Lasallian community. Earnings from the photocopier machine will be dedicated to the future projects of the CSJEA.

The audience definitely enjoyed the performances. Students and parents proudly cheered their teachers and the rest of the CSJEA members.The show featured  a mix of dancing and singing from the CSJR faculty and staff, selected elementary, high school and college students and from Mr.Genesis Ambrocio,president of PTCA . The emcee of the night was Ms.Maybel Bartocillo from College of Nursing.

The Program Director of the show was Mr. Christopher Obispado,  the Head of the Administrative Support Services Department. Other members of the committee were the following:

Production Manager:Ms.Maybel Bartocillo
Stage Manager:Ms.Lalaine Diaz
Stage Crew:Ms.Patricia Joaban

Stage Decorations:Mr.Joey Arroyo
Mr.Wilmon Alinsangan
Ms.Rosita Concepcion

Physical Arrangement: Nomel and other Maintenance Personnel

Tickets/Marketing /Invitations:

Ms.Sally Ortiz
Ms.Cyren Flejoles
Ms.Patricia Joaban
Ms.Lalaine Diaz

Sounds/Music:Mr.Teri Joe Pretta

Lights  In-Charge:Mr.Wilmon Alinsangan


Mr.Joey Arroyo
Mr.Alden Arnillo
Mr.Marie France
Mr.Zaldy Barnizo


Mr.Teri Joe Pretta
Ms.pearl Villasis
Mr.Wilmon Alinsangan

Dr.Consolacion A. Feca
Mr.Joey Arroyo
Ms.Sally Ortiz

Make –up In Charge:Mr.Pearl Billones and Ms.Patricia Joaban

Script:Mr.Mark Nel Venus

Ms.Joyce Delgado
Ms.Conie Engada
Ms.Conie Seballos
Ms.Rechelle De la Cruz

The show was not possible without the 2015-2016 CSJEA Officers:
President:Dr.Consolacion Advincula-Feca
Vice President:Ms.Cyren Flejoles
Secretary:Ms.Sally Josephine Guadalupe Ortiz
Treasurer:Ms.Patricia Joaban
Auditor:Ms.Lalaine Diaz
BEU Representative:Ms.Genebe Gayo
College of Arts,Science,Business and Teacher Education Representative:Ms.Sally Ortiz
College of Nursing Representative:Ms.Maybel Bartocillo
Staff Representative:Ms.Rosita Concepcion

The CSJ-R President Chancellor.M.E.Regina V.Dabao,was very pleased. According to her;

“For sure much sacrifice was placed in this show, not just by the performers, but by the silent workers behind the scenes, but place a big value on the intrinsic lessons that you learn-those of humility,patience,tolerance,good sense,accountability,concern,competence, and most of all, the precious lesson on commitment.”

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