CSJ – R ‘all-in’ Screening of “Moana”

Watch the official trailer of the movie Moana now!

Last November 30, 2016, the College of St. John – Roxas Parents – Teachers Committee Association (PTCA) organized a blocked screening of the movie Moana for students and their families, as a fund raising activity intended for the redevelopment of the school stage.

The event was non – mandatory and was held at Robinsons Place Roxas in Cinema Two at 10:50 am, 1:10 pm and 3:20 pm, for a total of three screening schedules on the movie’s first day of showing. Despite being a weekday, the students and their families were able to watch the movie because it was a holiday (Bonifacio Day).

This fund raising activity was planned in addition to the funds gathered from previous fund raising activities, such as the Jeff Tam Magic Show.

Tickets were available starting November 18 and were sold for 250.00 pesos each at the school’s finance office and by the PTCA officers. Sponsorship of the screening was optional, requiring a payment of 3,000.00 pesos, which includes three complimentary tickets.

“The purpose was achieved, target proceeds were reached, and both students and parents enjoyed watching the movie,” said Genesis B. Ambrocio, PTCA president.

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Photo Source: Roxyvie Hicalde Empig

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