MILO at 41

“Help beat energy gap, drink MILO everyday!”

What’s up Lasallians? How’s your month of October so far?

On the first day of October, the 41st National Milo Cheerdance Competition was held at the Robinsons Place Roxas Parking area. Many public and private schools from primary to college level joined the said competition.

Being part of the event, we felt the pressure and the nerve-wracking tension because of the intimidating choreography and costumes of the other contestants but we were not discouraged because the support of our school motivated us to perform well and win.

In the end, we won 2nd place in the College Division.However,what matters most is that we had fun and it was a new experience for everybody, and oh, we had free MILO drinks too!



Also , the CSJR Family would like to congratulate Sir Reynan for finishing 12th place in the Milo 21K Marathon at Pueblo de Panay, Roxas City.

“Good luck for the next hurdle: the 41st National Milo Marathon in Cebu City”, encouraging words from the Chancellor, Ms. Gina Dabao.

Who rocks the House? MILO!

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