Lasallians visit PHIVOLCS

MILIBILI, Capiz – To have further information regarding unstoppable phenomena underneath the earth, the Grade 11 Br. Clementian students went to Phillipine Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) in Milibili last Wednesday, Oct. 18.

Accompanied by Miss Angeline Marcelino, their Earth Science teacher, Grade 11 Br. Clementian had a talk with PHIVOLCS officer, Ramil Atando.

“The purpose is for you to meet somebody who is an expert in field of Earth Science, somebody who can tell you the real scenario taking place in your very own province. As what I have told you before,real learning is out there, you have to see the real thing and talk to an expert who can tell you things not found in the book.”, Miss Angeline quoted.

Moreover, students were also notified about the future plans of PHIVOLCS in maintaining safety and awareness against earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic activities.

“We have a landslide censor at Dumarao. When there is an upcoming landslide, the people living near the area will be informed. Our plan is to expand the building (PHIVOLCS Office) so it could accommodate more students. We will also be putting up a tsunami censor at Iloilo.” Sir Atando said.

Photo source: Angeline Marcelino

Photo source: Angeline Marcelino

Certificate of appreciation was given to Sir Atando to express the students’ gratitude as he accepted and educated them in and about PHIVOLCS.

“I want Lasallian students to be a part of information dissemination to make others aware, to correct misconceptions and to be involved in the community. That is the aim of 21st century education, for the students to become globally competitive. Informations are nothing if we cannot put it into something that will benefit others and to be globally competitive, we have to start locally and of course among ourselves.”, the Earth Science teacher said.

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