Knights Defeat Jaguars to Win First CYBL Title

The College of St. John – Roxas Junior Knights won over the HerCor Jaguars with a 3-point lead last September 4, 2016 at the Roxas City Civic Center,

The center was filled with students, teachers, parents and supporters wearing green and white to show support for the Junior Knights.

The game almost ended up by the 4th Quarter with the Jaguars on the lead, but not until the Knights tied up with them during the last seconds of the quarter. The game was extended with five more minutes and the CSJ-R supporters cheered and yelled even more at the top of their lungs to motivate the Knights.

The Jaguars had put the Knights on their heels, storming with a 5-point lead, but Arches, the flash of the Knights, caused more hearts in the Civic Center to beat faster by catching up with the lead of Jaguars with the help of the Mythical FiveDelfin, Almodiente, Buencamino and Napilot. At the end, the Animo reigned!


The awarding ceremony followed after the game. Kristofer Am Delfin was awarded as the Best Guard and Dan Earel Arches was declared as the MVP of the season.

“We claim victory! Congratulations to us! Champion!”

Mark Nel Venus, Principal



Photo Source: Angeline Marcelino

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