Impact of Solar Power Generation

According to NASA, climate change is a change in the typical or average weather of a region or city. Climate change is one of the factors of global warming which is the abnormal increase in Earth’s average temperature. The effects of global warming are clearly prominent, being seen and experienced by all. Sea levels are rising worldwide, mountain glaciers and small ice caps are melting, and icebergs drift into the ocean. There were recent extreme floods, droughts, and hurricanes. Greenhouse gasses also contribute to global warming, which trap heat in the atmosphere.

The College of St. John-Roxas was the first educational institution in Capiz to use clean and renewable energy from the sun. What inspired CSJ-R to install solar panels was the worldwide call to respond to climate change and the school’s concern to help save the environment through conserving energy. The idea of installing solar panels was made possible in partnership with the Energy Renewable Asia, Inc. The first materials arrived last Aug. 24 and 25, 2016. Full operation began last October 2016 after weeks of installation and testing.

The total kilowatt of hours consumed as of now is 29412.6 kWh is equivalent to saving 20.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide.


  • Greenhouse gas emissions from:
    4.4 passenger vehicles driven for one year or 49.540 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle
    6.6 tons of waste recycled instead of land filled or 0.937 garbage trucks of waste recycled instead of land filled
  • CO2 emissions from:
    2,326 gallons of gasoline consumed
    22,057 pounds of coal burned
    733 incandescent lamps switched to LEDs
  •  Carbon sequestered by:
    536 tree seedlings grown for 10 years

Over the course the solar panels were installed, what change did it make to the school? Is it significant? What are the benefits of having them?

Cost wise, significant. Earth wise, very significant. Just imagine saving thousands of trees and how much greenhouse gases are reduced in the atmosphere because we became less dependent on coal powered and diesel-powered plants. The energy consumption did not decrease, our power need actually increased because of the additional units of equipment by the school. It is the cost that we are paying for such consumption which decreased because of the cheaper rate of solar power. The more solar power produced, the more we save. Having these panels is saving some cost for the school and more importantly is helping to save our precious environment. The school has significant savings because of the solar power production which is a cheaper source of energy,“ from the office of Planning and Development.

Source: College of st. John-Roxas Page

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