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Happy Lasallian Teachers Day!

Some say that a teacher is a person who teaches or instructs as a profession, but for the college of St.John teachers are more than just instructors. They are second parents, guidance counsellors if ever students need someone to talk to, a friend, a comforter, and a helping hand. Just to make things short, teachers are a total package!

Teaching is a very humanistic profession which requires sacrifice and patience. That is why every January 26, the College of St.John -Roxas celebrates “Lasallian Teachers Day” as a reminder to all faculties of the Lasallian community in their very important role in the growth and formation of their students.

A very happy Lasallian teachers day indeed to all the Lasallian community. All the students expressed their gratitude and appreciations by setting up a program for the teachers and by giving heart warming messages through speech, giving cards, and tokens.

(credits) Marco Vela

FB_IMG_1485788505555 It was a very emotional thus memorable day for everyone in The College of St.John-Roxas. The day ended with teary eyes yet joyous smiles in the faces of both faculty members and students who enjoyed this event.


Photo Credits: Marco Vela

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