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Drug Awareness Symposium 2017

 Prevention in form of education. Drugs had been the root of major social problems and if not addressed well might cause destruction of lives. The College Student Government of College of St. John – Roxas had organized a Symposium on Drugs and Awareness not only for the SHS and college students but also for their parents last January 27, 2017 held at the school library and Hernandez Audio Visual Room simultaneously.

The program was divided into two parts; the medical and legal prospective. The opening remarks was led by CSG President Miles Nicko Santos. Guest speakers from different fields were invited to share their insights and expertise. PO3 Ramil Arcangeles was the one who presented the legal matters concerning illegal drugs and youth’s engagement to it. He also highlighted that there is no fine for any individual caught using and selling drugs. He pointed out the present situation in the province of Capiz that all detention facilities are crowded and 80% – 90% of the detainees are involved with dangerous drugs. “Illegal drugs is a trail of self-destruction.” – PO3 Arcangeles

Dr. Eric Vinculado also enlightened the audience with the adverse effects of drug addiction to one’s health. It is not only through drugs that one would destroy himself but there are also addiction towards alcohol and smoking. The damage will take its toll on the person physically and mentally. Breaking off from the addiction will most likely bring withdrawal symptoms and if not treated will result to mental disorders. He emphasized that there is no cure for drug addiction, you can stop but you can still experience its aftermath from time to time.

Awareness beats curiosity and education is the best prevention.


Photo credits: Edmund Jolampong

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