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CSJR Gives Love on Christmas Day

               It’s the time of the year where the College of St. John-Roxas share their blessings and show their deep appreciation of passionate school staffs who fulfill their duties.Each class prepared something special for their janitors, security guards and secretaries.

              On December 16,2017, the BEU together with the SG officers, Sir Joey Arroyo,the principal for gradeschool and Sir Mark Venus for the highschool prepared a short but meaningful program at the CSJR Covered Court for everybody.It was the day of paying back to their manongs and manangs the service and loyalty that they give to them and in their school everyday.It’s just once in a year where they give back and thank them for all the hardwork that they’ve done.

It was heartwarming to see the smiles on their faces and how grateful they are.The spirit of Christmas is not just by receiving gifts but it’s the blessings that one share to others to make them happy.


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