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CSJ-R Renewing its Commitment to the Mission on its 18th Foundation Day

The 18th Foundation Day of CSJ-R had a 4-day series of events and activities from July 20-23. It started with renewing the school’s commitment to its mission by giving service and outreach programs.

The grades 11 to 12 were given the opportunity to raise funds for the residents of Marawi who were devastated by the terrorism attack and the residents of Leyte who were affected by the deadly 6.5 magnitude earthquake, respectively. The student government from grade school, high school, and college also joined the fund raising for the victims of the aforementioned phenomenon and disaster.

The Grade 11 – STEM had two booths. One of the two was a food kiosk selling fries, the all-time favorite of many and different kinds of sweets from marshmallows to pastries – fun part, you can play along with them and mix ‘n match which made everyone crave more. Ever heard of beer pong? Yup they had that too and hold up – of course, there was no beer, just water. What’s ironic was that the water wasn’t for drinking, it was just there for the sake of the game. Under the cups were prizes you can claim afterwards. This game might be called Water Pong because water.

On the other hand, the Grade 11-ABM & GAS put up a food kiosk too selling snacks such as nachos topped with beef and drizzled with cheese which are mouthwatering and gummy candies for people who have “sweet tooth”. The kiosk also had iced tea and ice candies to beat the heat. They had another booth wherein you can rent board games for a limited time and a dedication booth wherein you can send your wishes to the school and for the years ahead, as well as shout outs to your classmates and teachers for your wonderful moments spent together.

The students from Grade 12 – STEM and ABM & GAS joined forces. They had a food kiosk which sold various snacks like croquettes and chocolate sticks and beverage. They had a Playstation Booth wherein they provided two Playstation consoles. One console was for gaming with a time limit and the other one was utilized for holding a game tournament. The most amusing booth among all was the beauty and hair salon which they call “Bangsamoro”. They almost had all of the services given by parlors but you can have your face beautified and your hair styled right at your school. Who brings salon right next to you? Only Bangsamoro.

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