CSJ-R Grand Alumni Homecoming 2016

1Animo La Salle indeed! For a very successful Grand Alumni Homecoming held last March 29, 2016. There were more than 200 alumni who attended this event, compared to last 2009 which only had more or less 88 alumni. The event was facilitated by Dr. ConsolacionAdvincula-Feca, Ms. Ma. Maybel A. Bartocillo RN,MAN , Mr. Leonardo AndradaIII, together with the President Atty. Judge Earl Ross del Castillo. 3

Before the event started the faculty and staffs, together with the college student government helped with the preparation for the CSJ-R Grand Alumni Homecoming. They gathered old pictures, t-shirts and old boxes as decoration for the upcoming event, placed something that the alumni could appreciate and remember at the FSU and Clinic’s bulletin board, and of course, it would not be complete without a picture of our glorious patron St. John De Lasalle. 4But what was the main reason for this so called “alumni homecoming”? According to my source the Grand Alumni Homecoming was held to bring back the alumni of CSJ-R together, to welcome them back to their alma mater and to elect a new set of alumni officers, which had elected Ma. MaybelBartocillo, Clint Distajo, John Michael Arches, John Justin Bermejo, JP Sorongon, Divine Grace Dela Cruz and ShielaAgupitan as Board of Directors.

2The activities like Flash Mob, Opening remarks (by Ms. Regina V. Dabao) Message from the alumni, video throwback presentations, intermission number, presentation of Santinig, Emcee Spiels who entertained the audience and more really made the alumni feel welcomed in their alma mater.

“The events went smoothly and all the objectives for the activity were met” said Ms. MaybelBartocillo RN, MAN, which was one of the facilitators of the event,“According to the survey the alumni were very happy, ecstatic and appreciative of the efforts that a homecoming was held and they even wanted to do it on a regular basis like every 2-3 years!”.
College of St. John – Roxas is not just a community but a big family which is growing through the years.

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