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CSJ–R celebrates Nutrition Month

July 31, 2015, the College of St. John   – Roxas celebrated Nutrition Month with the theme: “TimbangIwastosaTamangNutrisyon at Ehersisyo”.

During this celebration, various activities were conducted by the Grade School Department to show the importance  of being healthy by eating nutritious food and exercise.

Activities were done simultaneously like the Essay Writing Contest, Poster-Making Contest and the Cooking Contest.

Winners are:
Cooking Contest

First Place : Gr. 4 Bro. Hilarion
Second Place: Gr. 4 Bro. Lorenzo
Third Place: Gr. 4 Bro. Felipe
Main Dish
First Place : Gr. 5 Bro. Florencio
Second Place: Gr. 5 Bro. Ambrocio
Third Place: Gr. 4 Bro. Lorenzo
First Place : Gr. 4 Bro. Felipe
Second Place: Gr. 6 Bro. Gabriel
Third Place: Gr. 4 Bro. Hilarion

Essay Writing Contest
First Place : Erika Vinculado
Second Place: LinzyFreilzDelfin
Third Place: Nathaniel Amparo

Poster-Making Contest
First Place : Martha AlizaFeca
Second Place: JemwellBenguara
Third Place: Alleah Marie Cervas

Written by: LinzyFreilzDelfin

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