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CSG CUP : Unbreakable at 3

Three seasons. Three houses.

CSG CUP is back with its new season with new faces from the different houses. September 22, 2017 marked the start of this much awaited event. “Empowering camaraderie with one another”, that is the goal of CSG CUP. As a year-long activity, students are hyped with the sports matches, literary-musical contests and the much anticipated cheer dance competition.

To officially open this year’s CSG CUP, houses were geared up with their cheer dance costumes that symbolized their designated colors. The House of Vuyart were almighty in a striking shade of blue and yellow. The House of Drolin were fierce in their maroon and green outfits and the House of Johannes with the shade of green were eye-catching that day.

csg4                csg10                                                                                           csg1

It was thrilling. The mere entrance of the houses and the raising of their flags gave everybody goosebumps because every participant had faces of fighters ready to get into battle. Personally, the cheer dance competition was the highlight for that day. Saying that it was intense is an understatement. Being able to participate in the said event were both nerve-wrecking and exciting.

The stunts were well executed and dances were oozing with energy. However, there can only be one champion. The House of Drolin conquered the first place followed by the House of Johannes and last year’s champion, the House of Vuyart fell on the last place.



Despite of the fiery competition among the houses, camaraderie was evident. Blue congratulating maroon, green hugging blue and three colors in one groufie.

This is just the beginning of the third season. Will the House of Johannes still be the reigning overall champion? Or will the House of Drolin fight ’till they get the crown? Or will this year be the awaited comeback of the House of Vuyart?

Stay tuned Lasallians!


Photography by: Marco Ray Vela


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