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College of St. John Congratulates The Newly Elected SG Officers.

The past week has been quite exciting for the students. It was the start of the Student Government Campaign. Last Friday, the school held the Meeting De Avance or as many would call it, a grand rally, so that the students would get to know their future leaders. The voting for the election was held this Monday, July 10, 2017,  and the results were quite surprising. The election had two rivaling parties, The Benevolent Leaders in Action with Zeal for Excellence, or the BLAZE party, and the PHEONIX party.


The election was very nerve wrecking. Most of the candidates were head to head and all of their speeches and platforms were undeniably good.

The candidates under the BLAZE Party were: Giean Tenefrancia, running for President, Andrea Cruz-Am for Vice-President, Ashley Bonites for Secretary, Nikka Vela for Treasurer, Michael Marino for Auditor, Lady Ashley Obordo for Business Manager, and Alexa Aguirre for Press Relations Officer or P.R.O.


For the PHEONIX Party, we have Reesa Azaraga for President, Marny Odocado for Vice-President, Vanessa Oquindo for Secretary, Klarisse Magallanes for Treasurer, Angel Depol for Auditor, Jayren Belvis for Business Manager and Fregemyr Doroteo for P.R.O.



Both parties were remarkable and many believe that all the candidates were great for the positions. But, at the end of the day, there could only be one winner. After the COMELEC tallied the total votes under the careful and observing eyes of each party’s watchers, the results came in and were posted at around 6:00 in the afternoon.

19894925_1600722033280750_3697741469131361205_n 19884212_1600722249947395_2083312833500804048_n 19756847_1600722026614084_5715613333371142727_n


19884496_1600722086614078_5687248322122778623_nReesa won with a total of two hundred and twenty votes, and Giean following closely with a hundred and fifty four. For Vice-President, Andrea won, earning two hundred and forty four votes while Marny had a hundred and thirty one. Ashley got the position of Secretary with two hundred and seventy two votes as Vanessa got ninety six. For Treasurer the winner, Nikka had a total of two hundred and seventy one votes while Klarisse had a hundred. Michael won Auditor with two hundred and fifty nine votes, meanwhile Angel got a hundred and nine. Lady Ashley got the position of Business manager after earning two hundred and forty six votes, surpassing Jayren with a hundred and twenty three. For the P.R.O. position, the two candidates were head to  head, Fregemyr had a total of a hundred and sixty five, but it was Alexa who got the position with two hundred and seventeen votes.

And these are the High School Student Government Officers of SY 2017-2018.

President Reesa Azaraga from PHEONIX Party, Vice-President Andrea Cruz-Am from BLAZE, Secretary Ashley Bonites from BLAZE, Treasurer Nikka Vela from BLAZE, Auditor Michael Marino from BLAZE Party, Business Manager Lady Ashley Obordo from BLAZE, and Alexa Aguirre from BLAZE Party as well.


Photo Source: Ms. Angeline Marcelino


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