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Blogging Essentials for Lasallians

The Kapis Mansion Convention Hall was filled with aspiring Lasallian Bloggers from Grades 10 to 11 and students from the College Unit last September 30, 2016.

A symposium was conducted by the Young Tycoons Guild (YTG) about blogging in which they invited two professionals in this field — Mr. Danilo Modesto Jr., part of the official web developer company of CSJ-R, and Ms. Lexie Puzon, an online blogger from St. Benilde College of Media and Arts.

Mr. Danilo talked about “That Thing Called Blogging.” He explained what blogging truly means and the proper etiquettes to observe in posting a blog. He also talked about his passion, playing League of Legends, and how he earned through it. He even gave advices on how to earn money through blogging aside from having it as a hobby. He ended his presentation with this quote,
“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it” – Toni Morrison

Get your pens and notepads ready for we are about to give you Blogging Tips from Miss Lexie Puzon!

1. Unique she said that your primary interests must be unique because that’s 14569127_1330810333626228_2060311081_nhow a blog catches more viewers and readers.

2. Qualityaccording to her, a blog must be of quality (a type of blog which viewers and readers would enjoy)

3. Consistent she mentioned that being consistent is one of the most important things to remember in blogging, and one of the hardest to do too!

4. Patienceyour blogs won’t be on top instantly so you must be patient and continue blogging until you’ll finally be in line with your goals.

5. Creative this is the most essential of all. You have to be creative in writing blogs and taking pictures.


Miss Lexie said that blogging doesn’t always require spending money, you just have to look for means to make your blog posts fascinating without spending much. Remember, an interesting blog always catches more viewers and readers!


After her presentation, she took a video of her audience shouting an ilonggo line, “Masadya kami!” which means “We’re happy!” The students and teachers did not let this rare moment with Miss Lexie pass without posing for a shot with her — everyone grabbed their chances of taking selfies and groufies with Miss Lexie.


Who knows, maybe one of the most in-demand bloggers in the near future would come from CSJ-R! This experience is surely a must-keep for all the Lasallians who were present in the event. Animo!

Keep on Blogging!

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