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Alive in Mission

United as one, strong bond, continue the mission of sharpening minds and enhancing lives, molding individuals into better one, successful outcomes in certain events, lending a helping hand to others who need help through charity works- all of these proves that St. John is truly alive in mission.

As we hear the phrase “Alive in Mission”, we instantly connote having a certain goal and continue to achieve and live with it. But if we look for a deeper meaning, we can clearly see through the looking glass that our institution has always been living what our patron St. John Baptist de la Salle wants us to do. We can continue to live and excel in every actions that we act upon as what Lassalians should be. Lately, we celebrated Foundation Day to feat for St. John’s 17 years of existence. We used the same saying to inspire our learning area’s birthday. These three words motivate us for the whole school year. What doings show we live according to this thought?

High- quality and good quality education are one of the factors that construct a bridge to our main goal. Successful events in the school show unity. Charity works that donates help to needy ones outside the school. These displays that we abide by the dreams we’ve been dreaming to be true.

Indeed, we Lasallians should continue what our patron saint, St. John Baptist de la Salle started. A simple step towards the finish line could drag others near the golden trophy. Let’s show what we got. Let’s show how we Lassalians, as a community gather together as one in reaching the brightest star. We are proud to say that we are truly alive in mission.


By: Linzy Frielz Delfin.


Photo Source: Francine Dela Cruz.

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