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It’s more FUN at St. John!“MENS, COR, ANIMA”(Mind, Heart, Soul)


The Premier center of Education forming responsive citizens of faith and learning in accordance with the Lasallian Tradition of Academic Excellence, values education and Service.


Core Values:


Faith is attitude, outlook, way of looking at and responding to what is happening in our life, our trust in God’s loving presence and providence when acting or discerning God’s will in our mission.


Zeal is the enthusiastic and the total gift of self for the sake of the mission, the desire to be of greater service to others and the
quest for excellence and continuous self improvement.


Together and by association, we are trying to see our mission from the point of view of our faith, the Gospel, the teachings of the
church and the Lasallian heritage.

Lasallian 5Cs:

CHRISTIAN – A Lasallian manifests the true faithfulness and love for God Almighty
through Catholic devotion and teachings.

COMPETENT – A Lasallian is thoroughly knowledgeable and skilled in his chosen field of study. He is also informed about issues around him. More importantly, he can be counted upon to handle his obligations and responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

CONFIDENT – The Lasallian competence is one of his sources of confidence. A confident Lasallian believes with humility in his God given talents and capacity to contribute something of value to the world around him. The Lasallian also believes in people and their ability to transform themselves and the society for the good of all.

CONCERNED towards the MARGINALIZED – More than just being competent and confident, a Lasallian is deeply concerned about what is happening around him and how this affects the lives of not only his immediate circle of family and friends but also of those who are less-privileged.

COMMITTED – A Lasallian recognizes that he is responsible not only for himself but for others, as well. A Lasallian’s concern for others translates itself into active and committed service to his community.



We teach minds, we we touch hearts. We transform lives...

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