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A Recollection to Remember for Tenth Graders


Last September 21, 2016, the grade 10 students gathered in Carmelite Monastery at Lawaan as one for their recollection. They are accompanied by their advisers, Ms. Jonalyn Quiambao for Br. Andrew and Sir Michael Vincent Barrera for Br. Drolin. Sir Janico Antonio, the Lasallian Formation and Ministry Office (LFMO) officer was also there throughout the activity.

14483371_1080719278691755_632466412_nSister Christia Mayor, the facilitator for the aforementioned recollection said that recollection means remembering. Remembering – “member” is the root word and “re” means again. It is being a member of the church again. Recollections are put in a place far away from the bustling cities to pause from whatever you’re doing, escape reality. and isolate yourself. For once, to give your time to God and examine how you lived your life. Hopefully, after this spiritual activity, you will become a better person and continue to find the purpose of your life.

14445880_1080717715358578_1076702428_n  14469193_1080717472025269_1438667296_n

                                                    Br. Andrew

14459035_1080717065358643_1981353636_n  14459095_1080716452025371_388207724_n

                                                     Br. Drolin

“Renew, Reconcile, Recreate Self with Others, Nature and to God.”

– Sister Christia Mayor

Photo Source: Janico Antonio

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