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A Day in Ms. Maria’s Life

The clicking of her ruby red heels broke the dead silence in the ghost corridor. At the twist of a knob an unfamiliar figure stared the pupils in the eye. They were looking at a tiger with long, shadow black hair and eyes so deep you could sink into them. The moment she opened her mouth the words flowed like the melancholy of a song.

Ms. Maria is an English teacher for pupils grades four to six. She is a score in age and just begun teaching.

Sweat was tickling her cheeks and her throat was begging for the taste of ice cold water. She was teaching in a jungle with the wild animals living in it. Time had caught on and she had the next classroom… the next station to complete the mission of teaching.

They say children are the future, but without their teachers, there is no future. Teachers are the people that mold the pupils into significant figures. They shape them into independent adults. The role of the teachers does not just take stage in the classroom yet sometimes in the comfort of their homes.

The minute she stepped in to her house with walls slightly faded in color, she dived right into a mountain of pillows in her nice warm bed. Her head was spinning and thoughts were clouding her mind. Her eyes begun to drop and in a split second she was z’s.

The longer she taught the more she put knowledge in pupils’ heads and brought smiles to their faces, and maybe even, her own. Students begun to understand how it felt to be in her shoes and see life through perspective and returned the love she was giving them.

She would go home knowing that she made and impact on those students, an impact future professionals and leaders of this world.

Do you know the life of a teacher?

By:Erika Vinculado


Image Source: http://www.clipartkid.com/teacher-silhouette-cliparts

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