2017 Division School Press Conference

Students from different schools show their skills in writing, broadcasting and taking pictures. Different competitions happened during the Division School Press Conference, College of St John – Roxas, De La Salle Supervised came home with a lot of awards they deserve. On the 29th and 30th day of September 2017 makrs the date where the competitors of CSJ – R humbly gained another trust from this competitions held at Congressman Ramon A Arnaldo High School, Banica Roxas City. Behind the hardships are the students who did their very best to earn these awards;

  • Radio Simulation English-CHAMPION
    • Giean Marie Tenefrancia
    • Gio Paulo Munoz
    • Ashley Kaye Bonites
    • Princess Paulene Obordo
    • Fits Gerald Bianes
    • Fiona Antoinette Concepcion
    • Dezzabeth Ann Marcelino



  1. Infomercial-CHAMPION
    • Fiona Antoinette Concepcion
    • Princess Paulene Obordo
  2. News Writing English-5th Place
    • Shanna Armane Blancaver
  3. Copy Reading and Headlining
    • English-3rd Place
      • Daphne Mayren Villar
    • Filipino-1st Place
      • Thea Danielle Bagaso
  4. Sports Writing Filipino-10th Place
    • Sarah Cristin Giganto
  5. Photo Journalism
    • English-1st Place
      • Francheska Alexine Dadivas
    • Filipino-7th Place
      • Rena Marielle Dollete
  6. Science and Technology Writing
    • English-8th Place
      • Reesa Azaraga
    • Filipino-8th Place
      • Klarisse Magallanes
  7. Editorial Cartooning English-5th Place
    • Kiara Eunice Ledesma
  8. Editorial Writing Filipino-4th Place
    • Joshua Antonio
  9. Technical Applicatio-CHAMPION
    • Fits Gerald Bianes
  10. Feature Writing English-7th Place
    • Francine Gwen Artates
  11. Sports Writing English-5th Place
    • Dhanna Arlane Blancaver

These Students did not only carry themselves as they ventured on their own contests. They carried the name of the school as they’ve won their awards. The College of St John, once again brought home the bacon.











Source of the Pictures:

Michael Vincent Barrera

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Grade 11 || ABM Strand || Br Camillus

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